Films Viewed (May 2014)

Human faces evolved to be punched by  Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, researchers say (HBO GO)

ll Sorpasso is what puppy kindergarten looks like (the Charles)

Jodorosky’s Dune Gives Women A New Hope of Loving Their Bodies Again. This is Epic! (the Charles)

Bodu, Saved from Drowning may destroy American Artisan Cheese Industry (Hulu Plus)

Ladies Love Wild Canaries, Says Asshole (MFF 2014)

Abuse of Weakness is Filmed at a Real Jail Flooded with Sewage (MFF 2014)

This Shocking Report from Young Bodies Heal Quickly Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor (MFF 2014)

What Country in the World Best Fits your Narrative Shorts Program? (MFF 2014)

No One Believed Fight Church, so She set up a hidden camera to record her Cat doing THIS! (MFF 2014)

10 Words that Barbarella Invented (MFF 2014)

Violence Against Women will End when you Sluts get married, says M (the Charles)

The One Thing Obama Didn’t Say about The Punk Singer (Netflix Instant)

5 Godzilla mistakes you didn’t know you were making (Cinemark Egyptian 24)

Delmar Teen Recovering from suspected X-Men: Days of Future Past bite at Cape Henlopen State Park (the Senat0r)

SPECIAL THANKS to my Facebook feed, choked with viral Buzzfeed-esque clickbait, for providing all write-ups this month.

Total: 13 films, 1 program of short films (11 in theaters)







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