Films Viewed (November 2013)


Point Break, TRT 123 minutes, pushed me past bedtime, but still felt worth it. (Gunky’s @ MICA)

Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Story, TRT 90 minutes, covered its subject well, with only some padding out involved. (Netflix Instant)

Stromboli, TRT 100 minutes, was meant to be tough, and, like a good Catholic I endured, (The Charles)

Movie 43, TRT 94 minutes, was paused after the first bit, but then returned to, leading me to find other sequences in the compilation worth watching. (Netflix Instant)

Drug War, TRT 107 minutes, was an engaging ride until the very end. (Netflix)

To Be or Not to Be (1942), TRT 99 minutes, was a first pleasant excursion via the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus. (Hulu Plus)

Before Sunrise, TRT 110 minutes, avoided like the plague for years, proved a time capsule of 1990s listlessness worth watching. (Netflix)

I Married a Witch, TRT 77 minutes, proved you can get in, get out, and still kill it. (Hulu Plus)

Blue is the Warmest Color, TRT 187 minutes, had to the carefully planned for, its runtime one of it’s many talking points, a friend nicknaming it “Blue is the Longest Movie”. (The Charles)

Premiers Desirs, TRT 93 minutes, was placed online via Criterion maybe to place it in dialogue with Blue; me, I was just interested in a non-Criterion Criterion and wonder if they are going to launch some sort of “softcore” line. (Hulu Plus)

Thunderball, TRT 130 minutes, was a Connery Bond yet to be seen, viewed with a friend, the pacing, editing, and runtime making for ample discussion afterword. (iTunes)

Salinger, TRT 120 minutes, answers all the questions you wondered about and then you decide that they weren’t the point and maybe those professors going on about “Reader-response criticism” were on to something. (Netflix Instant)

Thor: The Dark World, TRT 120 minutes, seemed to be a carbon copy of the first, leaving me to question just what I have signed on for here with all these interconnected Marvel movies. (Rotunda)

Total: 13 films (4 in theaters)





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