Charm City Cineaste Six Year Anniversary: 2007-2013

As an exercise, I went back and looked at my posts from the beginning, from six years ago, to think about what has happened in terms of Baltimore City film exhibition and, in a bigger and more important way, what has happened in terms of film culture.

Six years ago, I did not see the Netflix bus coming, the one that was going to drive Video Americain off the road and stream away all remaining video stores.

I was curious and concerned about the situation with The Senator. The Senator  is now re-opened under the management of the same people that run and own the Charles and has expanded to four screens.

I was curious and concerned about the Landmark Harbor East, which has turned into a “hack” to avoid going to the suburbs to see a bigger movie. Can you imagine the LHE playing a film like Mister Lonely in 2013? Well, they did, back in the day, in an early experimental phase to see who would show up.

The Maryland Film Festival has grown by leaps and bounds, and I am privileged to continue to be a member of the screening committee.

There is great potential in the Baltimore Video Collective, which I hope takes off in the ways the group envisions.  I will do my best to support the effort.

There are more changes, big and small, that I could mention, But the real thing that has changed over six years is me. I have questioned the value of sharing my opinion on the films I go to see (having had that confirmed as useful, I will try to once again to let you know what I think). Also, this past year, I have been so busy with various endeavors, so bored with “listening to myself type”, that the blog has become more of a deadline thing, and deadlines are no fun. My tight time means I can devote no more than an hour to it. With the Netflix linking and other “click this” enrichment, the composition time shrinks even further. I feel I have no choice but to knock this thing out if I want to continue to do it.

And, anyway, there is so much information available now. I seek a new grammar, one of explosions and .gifs and Dinosaur Erotica, one that will leap off the page and give you my opinion on a film in a moment that is in the moment. All these well-tempered sentences feel like Middle English to me these days, antiquated and musty, moving at the wrong pace, my audience lost if I dare go past a paragraph. See, I just did  it there in that last sentence by piling on all those modifiers. Oh well. The saga continues… time to go see Gravity in 3D.




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