Adventures in MUBI-going



Back in 2009, I signed up for MUBI (formerly The Auteurs), an online social networking site for “film people” with the additional option of watching films on their server. I then promptly forgot about it since you had to pay to watch each movie on their site.

Then, recently, they changed their format and started e-mailing me daily with a new film to watch. I signed up to pay after clicking around.

For $35.88 a year, I get to screen/stream thirty films. Each one is available for thirty days.

This works for me because the clock is ticking as each film moves from day one to day thirty, This is different from my Netflix Instant queue (which has 228 items, currently), where films come and go seemingly at random in terms of their availability or just sit there for years, daring me to find the time to watch them.

Also, the films chosen are smartly curated and reflect my interests as a film watcher. It brings to my attention films I may have passed over in the video store or films that are not available in the US otherwise.

So, you will now see MUBI movies appearing in my queue, and there may be no Netlfix link for them if they are not available.

This is not meant to be an advertisement for the site, but an explanation of what MUBI means in terms of my monthly chronicle.

March 2013 Films Viewed will be posted soon. I am bogged down with other writing projects at the moment.


Charm City Cineaste


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