Films Viewed (February 2013)


Nothing but a Man delivered, an early Indie from the 1960s Deep South. A African-American man lives and loves, torn between the more respectable stable life he strives toward and the chaos he comes from. Powerful and moving. (The Charles)

Die Hard remains “the Cadillac of Action Films,” as one of the organizers of Gunky’s Basement put it. I had never seen it on the big screen, instead catching it in fits and starts as it siphoned through the pay cable channels. A good time. (The Charles)

Lola Versus was so close to being good! A woman in her late 20s almost gets married, then doesn’t  then has adventures and breakdowns. Will endlessly be compared to Girls, which is a bit unfair. I could watch Greta Gerwig do almost anything and find it engaging. Nice use of Lower Dens and Dan Deacon musics. (Netflix)

Amour was about two old French people slowly dying. Nominated for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Picture. (The Charles)

Day of Wrath was my cup of tea, all repressed religious tensions and witch trial hysteria. The film kept using the title song effectively and well. Clearly influential on Bergman. A way into the films of Carl Theodor Dryer, who I had yet to engage with in a positive way. Now, on to The Passion of Joan of Arc, (The Charles)

Celine and Juile Go Boating is a rarely seen gem, the cinema apple cart being upset at every turn in an effort to “live in the movies”. Two women lead each other on adventures in a house in which each visit is like… well, despite the film’s 1970s pedigree, I could not help think they were “playing” the scenario in the house like a video game. So good and interesting and endless and wild and wonderful.(The Charles)

Murmur of the Heart was the story of a young man’s coming of age in an anarchic post-war French household. Had a kind of spittle-flecked kicking life to it, the non-acting of the lead feeling very true to the dumb artless moves of the first make-out sessions I remember. I am a fan of the genre, and this one takes a subversive and disturbing twist at the end. (Netflix)

Total: 7 films (5 in theaters)

(Please note: Whenever possible, all titles are linked to their pages on the Netflix website)


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